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Sunday, May 08, 2005

What came from the Kingdom of Heaven?

The recent release of Kingdom of Heaven brought along with it two most heated argument, especially considering the issues of our time. Aside from the fact, of course, that there are those who think the movie sucked and those who thought it was great (though from what I've seen and read, the latter seemed to number more than the former).

The first heated debate regarded the age old issue of Islam vs. Christianity vs. Judaism. I apologizise of course if by my use of the "vs" thing seemed quite harsh, but the fact is it is no more harsh than the people who voice out their (sometimes ignorant) views on the matter. I am amazed however that it is the 'non muslim champions' that are actually preaching the 'hate' lectures while thus far the majority of the muslim ones seem to preach tolerence instead. Not all non muslims gives such harsh views though and for that is thankful enough, but the fact that these 'hate mongers' consider Islam (they refer it to the Islam in those times, 11th Century or so, though I don't dare to imagine what they think of Islam now) as barbaric and the fact that Muslims who supposedly gain so much advances in science was due to the absorbtion of the people and cultures gained through the tip of the sword, or even that one said that while the existence of Jesus was undeniable, the existence of our Prophet Muhammad was questionable or even that the Prophet's motives were of personal gain only, seemed downright rude, idiotic and plain ignorant. I cannot but feel bad that at times that when we say over and over again the word 'peace' these days, there are still many of us who do things that provoke otherwise.

The second matter is the fact that 'pretty boy' Orlando Bloom had the lead role. Equally divided, some say he performed good, while others say he sucked. But the main issue that seemed to stem from this is the 'Hate them because they're pretty" thing. It is supposedly said that people (mostly men) hate Orlando Bloom and his types because he is good looking and the haters themselves are ugly or jealous or have low self esteem. Now how silly is that? I dare say that most guys don't like the whole pretty feminine-ish looks for those of our kind, but we dare say that we know some male actors who are good looking and all, (an opinion both male and female share) but still have good acting talent. Look at Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp for example, these are people who have had scores of female following but we (the guys) do not bash on them because we respect the fact they have talent. I am not saying Orlando Bloom sucks, but the fact that while in Kingdom of Heaven he did okay by me, overall he's not the best of actors. Perhaps in time he will earn his experience and shape up his skills, but for the moment he is roughly average, and given that fact, I think there are a number of other actors that could've filled his role better. Seriously though, I noticed it is the girls who are quick to go "you're just jealous" when we criticize such actors.

But overall the movie was cool. And I like the concept of how they want us to think all about this whole religious fanaticism thing. To think that any blind plan can work simply because the notion of "God wills it" is idiotic and funny to behold. There's a saying that even some of the people in this country have heard but failed to grasp still. "God helps those who help themselves".


Blogger Chogrunna said...

haven't watched that movie yet. My friend was talking about it saying it looks cool and all, but once i heard it's about the Crusades, i just felt, shites another hate islam propaganda. That's right you stupid americans, us muslims go about raping women and eating babies (yes this was a popular image told by the christians back in that war).

i'd like to also quote from one of our friends, "History was written by those who won".Just a reminder for everyone that history still remains a theorey/opinion.

4:56:00 PM  
Blogger Nadya said...

huhhuh, dah pandai berblogging.....................YEY!

8:28:00 PM  
Anonymous zai_shmelz said...

woww, u blogging already? heheh...i havent watched the movie yet but i have to admit, orlando still has to work on his acting skills. but heyyy, give him a chance laa to take the role...without exposure, he wouldnt gain the experience rite? plus, he is good eye-candy for us girls...n any eye-candy's good for me...despite whether he CAN act or not. :P

12:17:00 PM  

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