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Monday, May 23, 2005

Order 66 (Episode 3 Spoiler Alert)

I watched Star Wars Episode 3. I'm going to write about it. So if you are one of those "don't spoil it for me" people, BUZZ OFF!!! Doon't blame me if you fail to enjoy the thrills or the surprise or fail to reach orgasm while watching the movie or something. Again, this is a SPOILER ALERT! So Buzz off unless you've watched or don't mind knowing the tidbits before going to watch yourself.

The start of Revenge of the Sith or Episode III is by far the most intense. And most sudden as well. We begin with an already heavy battle, ship upon ship, turbo laser by turbo laser, it'sone hell of a war. In the history of Starwars, this is the most intense of beginnings. It was good, damn good, with the only flaw being that count Dooku was killed quite early and quickly, but nevertheless the way he was killed was good, juicy.

The story was good, in fact I am glad that in the prequel trilogy, this one tops. We know episode 1 was a big dissapointment, and Episode 2 was saved only by the great battle of Geonosis. Fortunately, Episode 3 is filled with action, thrills, humor and awe. Being a George Lucas thing, I'm sure everyone can already guess the extreme levels of its Visual Effects, nothing short of stunning, but in this one George Lucas has outdone himself.

Another thing I liked was the fact that since the time of Episode 4, the first Star Wars movie, we have always viewd the white armored soldier, the troopers, as the dumbest living being alive. Well, episode 3 can change that view with a vengeance. Not only do we see the heroics, the stunts and the daredevilness of some of the troopers, as we have seen perhaps in Episode 2 and the Clone Wars miniseries, but the way they handled Order 66, the extermination of the Jedi, the cool way they react to it, Clone troopers are damned vicious and cold, no remorse in killing the very people who have led then, been their comrade as well as general. Utterly ruthless.

Of course the flaws were present in ROTS, being notably the personality of Anakin Skywalker. I don't know Hayden Chritensen, so I don't know how he acts in other movies, but as always in the prequel trilogy, Anakin is the bratty kid whom you wished you could just scream in face "QUIT WHINING YOU LITTLE BRAT!". Of course while his transition to the dark side wasn't as expected nor that inspiring or great, or the fact that being dark side made him any less of a whiner, it was wasn't as weak in plot as I feared. Nor as strong as I hoped. And while the Emperor/Palpatine himself was insidious and downright cunningly ruthless, I had also hoped he would kick Yoda's green ass so hard that the little guy would finally start talking forward. Not that I have anything against Yoda, but that would leave people in awe of the power of Palpatine, no? But I guess a draw was nice enough.

But the coolest thing was of course, the birth of Darth Vader, one of the coolest villains ever. And I'm not talking about the time Anakin turned to the darkside. No, for while Palpatine bestowed the name Vader to him then, he was still in fact whiny Anakin. But after he lost to Obi Wan, burnt completely, with arms and legs severed, then saved by the building of that suit of his and placed that trademarked black helmet, did Darth Vader came to be. Even his voice changed. And that was when a great villain was born! One of the best moments in Star Wars Episode 3.


Anonymous Carcavac said...

Well nvr seen it but dun mind the spoilers (Had to thk GameFaqs for that). But from everyone's review, RoTS is a great movie but ppl who haven't seen Clone Wars the mini-series would understand very lil abt the movie. I mean General Grievace and Dooku was so kickass in the mini-series u just have to feel sorry for the 2 bad guys. And Jedis dying like flies man that was sad, I was hoping more of them went into hiding like Obiwan and Yoda but oh well Que sera sera. Well at least the madness would stop I think(Hordes of SW fanboys waving Lightsabers wif anger at me)

1:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Kaitlin said...

While Hayden Christenson's acting wasn't as painful to watch as it was in Episode II, it was still a disappointment. Ewan McGregor saved that movie. I almost cried when he gave Anakin that "You were the chosen one!" spiel. An interesting thing, though...did you notice Moff Tarkin standing at the bridge of the Star Destroyer? A nice little tie-in to Episode IV...

11:51:00 AM  

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