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Saturday, November 26, 2011

I hate hackers... Utterly pissed at these illegal hacking piece of ****s..

Recently a game account of mine got hacked. Yep, hacked. Stolen.

To add insult to injury, I did not discover this in the aftermath of their god-damned criminal act. I actually stumbled it as it was happening.

What happened was that I had decided to log in to the game at the time, only to be confronted by the fact that things were not as I had left the the game prior to that. In fact, I logged in as my in game character was actually 'doing' something. A split second later I was disconnected with a message claiming a 'conflict' in the log in. I proceeded to log in the game again, and this time I inspected my in-game items only to realize that a large number of it has been sold off. In fact the few items I had left was in fact, as I realized then and there, in the process of being sent off to be sold too had I not stumbled in then!

I quickly exited the game, opened my internet browser and accessed the game website to change my account details. I was panicking of course and was not thinking properly perhaps. I managed to log in there and realize the damned hacker had changed the corresponding email address attached to the account to something else. I quickly changed it back to mine but as I proceeded to try and change password, I could not do such anymore because I was typing an 'invalid old password'. Yep, the blasted hacker had changed it first before I could.

Once I log off my account, I know I can't ever get in again. So I did as a friend told me, file a report/petition to the game masters/devs. As of now the account is closed and may be reopened again once I formally sent a follow up request for such. So I can't play the game for now, which sucks because it's an MMO and like many of such, I paid a subscription fee to continue playing the game.

In fact, because whatever achieved in this game is done by working within a time frame that you have to pay for, the in-game items technically do have real world monetary value, and that's on top of the remaining subscription time that I have left which I paid for. It's different if my msn mail got hacked or my friendster/myspace got hacked because those are free stuff.

I am only thankful though that the game devs responded quickly to prevent those piece of s*** hacker(s) from doing more crap. I also hope I can recover items lost via these illegal means.


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