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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lessons of February 8th...

There's been at least a dozen things or so that occured since February 8th 2006, 8am until now that has got me contemplating on a number of issues, regarding in part of my continued role in human society, or something of the like. I view it as neither positive nor negative but mainly in an inquisitive and contemplative manner.

Firstly, people in general hate being forced into responsibilities. In the context of having the burden of responsibility, most people prefer it as a matter of choice, and that the burden be hold only by one's own decision. But fact is reality will push all sorts of issues to us, and at times, like it or not, someone has to bear it. What usually sickens me about people is that they see the responsibility coming, they are aware of its consequence, they even go as far as to point it out, but immediately scurries of like a rodent in hopes that they can outrun the others, who will then be forced to bear the burden whilst they themselves merely look on from afar. I learnt this on a bus. It doesn't matter the circumstances, what matters is the point stated.

Secondly, nobody else is like you. Nor are others like us. What I mean is that the individual maybe unique but even a group as a whole is special in that it is wrong to hope to encounter the same types of society elsewhere. I sought everyone to be as tolerent and open minded as the people I know. I sought people to understand the things we are used to. Tough luck. Some people are intolerent and some people will make absolutely no sense to us. Adaptability is key, and for the most part to think before action. Running your mouth off is like firing a gun to the air; eventually the bullets will find a mark.

Thirdly, it is far easier to claim innocence or to claim neutrality than to admit one's guilt. It is amazing at times how some people still try to deny the obvious. They'd make a whole list of mambo jumbo just to show it wasn't their fault. Learn to admit that you are wrong. Better yet, learn to admit that in some things, you have been wrong ALL ALONG. Enough said.

Fourth matter, I do not hate girls. I used to maybe, but now I love girls. The female beauty is among God's finest work. I admire them in some aspects but not enough to be a supporter of feminist movements. In fact, far from it. But I am in no hurry to find a girl, get laid and settle down. For despite my admiration, I am most suspicious of the females. Their methods are usually deceptive and for the most part, they have different standards on what is fair on the battlefield. For more information on the kind of girls I think is nice, you can research on the characters I created.

Fifth, and partly related to the fourth, I love money. Well, actually I've started to love money. I could afford to eat McDonalds everyday. Or even KFC. But I will stick to the small stalls and Teh O panas; the cheaper the better. Why? Because the money I save is like storing nuclear weapons. In times of crisis, or when needed to show 'power', those warheads are there. Additionally, the money can be used to gain stuff that has a longer satisfying power, or better yet, make more money. The thought of spending a large sum of money (and yes, LARGE, because there is no way one can do it with a small amount) on a girl seems distasteful to me right now.

So, sixth, maybe I am not ready for a relationship. But I tell you this, I was asked on how far I would go for a girl, and I simply replied that it might not be an appropriate question for me, but truth of the matter is, the answer is very easy. As far as she will go. If she doesn't go far, then I don't go far. She backstabs, then I do the same. Reap what you sow. And equality to both genders. Cold? Maybe, but only in concept, for if she gives warmth then warmth she shall receive. I chose not to voice this out because I was in no mood to entertain any.. opposition who cares to challenge my 'credibility' in this love issue. Also, I do not believe anymore that I should, as a guy, be obligated to cater to her needs mostly if not exclusively, make the first moves, and sacrifice a bigger piece of my pie than she sacrificing hers. Love does not overcome all. Ignorance might do the job, however. So take your pick. And if for this I am marked to be single for life, then so be it. More money for me.

Seventh, knowledge is power. Hide it well. But learn at times to share it too. It works well and all in relations to the enemy, but keeping someone you claim friendship, or to care about, in the dark can be more painful than breaking bad news. Do not make a habit of keeping people in the dark too often. Knowledge is the true currency in which the world revolves with. There are people we keep our knowledge away from, there are those we share it with, and there are those we trade with. Thus, there is a fine line between being a busybody and a well informed person. Or maybe there isn't a line at all. Maybe it is a matter circumstances or the manner in which we use the knowledge. So when I say it's not my business, it does not mean I totally don't care. I would care, if it suited my needs or purposes, to listen, or... I would prefer in the event of a reluctance to share info, to find out through.... other means.

Eighth, and among the most prominent, nobody truly has the rights to disrespect you. There is no true circumstances where manners are irrelevant. You have strengths and weaknesses just as others do, and nobody should make you feel inferior. Nobody should feel they are above you, or have the rights to simply push away your opinions, rights or what you have to say. So they have more money, or know people in higher places, or have more relationships and romance, or have seen more of the world, but the fact of the matter is you still know things they don't, and that is worth being respectful. And respect is not simply saying out loud or in your heart that "I respect this person". It's about action, and the manner of your conduct.

Ninth, I have learnt that expectations is dangerous. I was told not to have expectations. So I must apologize here, I am sorry but that is truly not the case. I find my position in matter to have changed. True, having expectations is a risk, for having not get what is being expected or to be let down is frustrating and very painful. But we need to have expectations, in a way, because they are like goals; objectives or aims for us to pursue. Like expecting someone to return a call, the context here being that our aim is to have the person call back thus showing we are in some ways, valued. To that extent we can work towards that aim, by being nicer to the person and so on. The bad part is simply if we react very negatively in the event of a failure.

Tenth, I like to relax in a park, chit chatting or playing chess or having a drawing jam. I like to take strolls on highlands and cool places or rest by the sea side and listen to the sound of the waves. That is the true answer I think for what MOST people, though based more or less on my preference, would like to do with a special someone. But I will not admit to it openly in public. Maintaining a cold and emotionless front serves me better. It makes people cautious of you, thus less likely to underestimate you, and take you for granted. It's not about a 'cool thing' or about 'chicks like bad guys'. For me, I have learnt that some treasures should be kept inside a case that wards off others instead of attracts. That way we know that those who actually do get to know inside of you, they are the people that are willing to take the trouble to know you better. Kind of like a masquerade of sorts. Those that read this, congratulations for finding out; those that did not, I really couldn't give a damn.

Lastly, I am not writing this out of spite, anger, jealousy, contempt or the like. I am however writing this out of irritation that many of the points here are considered irrelevant or viewed incorrectly. I am annoyed by the "all-logic-and-commonsense" attitude that seems to prevail today. Commonsense should be tampered with a little humanity, and emotion should be mixed with a little logic. What simply works, does not mean it is proper.


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The female beauty is among God's finest work. <-- my fave sentence

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