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Monday, July 17, 2006

Tread on unexplored grounds...please

Hi. I am living in Malaysia, and I have an idea of how to make a hit film in this country. Firstly, let us take looks on past romantic dramas and note down their plots and the like. Now, strip it to basics, change the elements and all, like say... a KL setting to a.. JB setting perhaps. Now let's talk about the money. However you obtain sponsors and all, the fact is the majority of your money, we're gonna spend it on paying actors and actresses that are probably household name and such, the types whose faces are too common these days. Don't worry about technology, it's almost not required, therefore as one can expect, the costs should be marginally low. So make sure is all romantic and mushy and DEFINITELY cultural and all, and whalla~! You have a formula for a hit movie here. Low cost, high profit.. isn't that just our motto these days?

If you can't sense the sarcasm overflowing and dripping out like a fat kid in the sahara, then you're an idiot. True, I could be generalizing and even making assumptions, though so would you if you think I hate romantic films or cultural elements. My point is not that I hate or like em, but rather that I've seen too many of them here (particularly romantic comedies that in press release, mentions that it tries to portray some cultural element of sorts) and I want for more variety. Why not let go of culture once, forget we are Malaysians in particular, and see us as simply humans. Is it all that wrong to accept other races and nationalities as equals and alikes? Must we point out the fact that as Malaysians we are unique in comparison, all the time?

I want to see a local made production that touches general history, puts forth a question on general philosophy and queries on life. I want to see dream worlds that are neither Malaysian, nor American, not Japanese or what so ever, but one of imagination. I don't want to see a whole setting of people named Ali, Abu, Hakim and the like anymore than I want to see a place dominated by Johns, Jacks, Georges and Christophers or Yamashitas and god knows what else japanese names. I want to see all these names entwined and mixed up in one dream world, preferably alongside weirder names like Tamreet Skreej or something.

I do not think doing what we always do is wrong, but I think that we are in truth hiding by commiting ourselves to those only. We do art movies, or movies that put forward our culture to the world and for the life of me, please, know that it is all nice but we can't just expect to always till the ends of time bank in our unique cultural heritage only. To fight a war sometimes we have to fight an enemy on its own ground. I think it's about time we take the fight to the enemy, and in other words, we should now try science fiction, fantasy, and stories that question nature, general philosophy on life and existence or even scientific theories. And why not? Aren't these all basic tenets of being humans and are not we Malaysians humans as well as citizens of this world?

I am no leader, no politician nor yet even a reknowned philosopher, but I can tell you this. Daring and curiosity, above all else and willing to disregard local or cultural limitations at certain (not all) times is the main reason why the population of the west have come to dominate the world over its larger and more populous neighbours in Meso America, Africa and Asia combined. The truth is that we are happy to sit idly by and rejoice over what we have while these others strive for more. I know, I know, from the Qur'an Allah SWT has said for us to be grateful for what we have been given by His blessings, and I believe with all my heart it is rightfully so. But I do not think that wanting something else or something more is wrong, morally speaking. Being content and to which resulting in us not progressing is wrong, morally, socially and philosophically. God's greatest gift to humans is our ability to use our minds, to think, and to squander it away and stick to irrationality of traditions, old ways, current trends is wrong I think because we do not use that which God has given to us.

Then I recall that quote... from the movie Braveheart I think.

"Every man dies, but not every man truly lives"

So what do you achieve by simpy sitting in where you are most comfortable at, while there are people who dares risks, goes through dangerous grounds, try something new, explore the unknown. Who will truly benefit in the end?

Think about it. For God Almighty's sake........... just... Think.