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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Busiest I Have Ever Recalled

Once I would have believed I never would have an ever more hectic of a working schedule as that I had at Inspidea. The need to do good animations for up to 3 scenes a day was quite daunting for one such as I, having just started into the field back then. I fared well nevertheless, having learnt the trade as I went along and doing even at times 4 scenes per day so as to provide a sufficient buffer incase of unforeseen circumstances that may impede this rather tight and rigid schedule.

For my current assignment, our team is tasked to accomplish our goals within 8 (working) days with less than a 10 people, as compared to those bygone deays when something of such magnitude we are given about a dozen people or have 15 days to finish such a quantity (I think in all likelyhood though, the present work is more in quantity than back then, but I cannot verify with full confidence)

Complete 3 scenes per day and I will be fine, back then. Today it is a minimum of 5 scenes per day, and unless I do not want to suffer in case of unfortunate occurances hampering the schedule I am obliged to rake it up to 6-7 scenes per day when possible. This means literally working all thoughout the hours at office with absolutely very small amount of breaks (excluding lunch, but so it is not encouraged for people to work in front of their PCs for 4 hours non stop). It is the heaven sent condition that uncaring employers would love but an absolute hell for the workers. To be fair I cannot be certain if my collegues share this sentiment as I do now, but on hindsight they do not seem to me as concerned with the difficult deadline as I am.

I would have, in the past, celebrated this momentous achievement as a milestone in my abilities, but I jave so often asked these days, to what end are these achievements? In past, we can come to celebrate the deeds we endevour to do by a result we can all believe in, or at the very least hope for a better condition. For the curent work, I worry that all we have achieved is simply nothing more than to validate at the seemingly uncaring higher-ups that Yes, it seems quite possible for us to be whipped like so much slaves to achieve this inhuman amount of labor, which seemed plausible to be repeated again and again in the future. This is because we don't see any initiative taken to improve such conditions.

Elsewhere the world moves on, opportunities come and go, but for the work at hand I am forced to let them all pass by as I helplessly watch. What else can I do? I have not the space or time in the schedule to partake in its glories. Where once I had always that 'magic' where I can work miracles to allow myself leaves and absent periods via compressing my work schedule, now I can not do so for the schedule as it is, is already that much compressed.

Having said so, I wished I had more time to write. More energy to write. But I am drained, tired and quite literally bitter. I will leave this at that for now.