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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Don't Worry Be Happy

You know life has been relatively uninspiring the past week. In fact, the only highlights would be the low points; the most prominent being the blackout that lasted for more than 24 hours. With that in mind, its relatively important, from my point of view, that we try to make our weekends as rejuvenating as possible. Sadly at times, I feel two days off simply doesn't cut it. More often than not we feel incomplete with the 2 days off that is routine in the working life.

Yet today, I feel quite.... good.


Because that was not the case with the recent weekend. We had an extra day off on Monday, the National Day, August 31st. It went off fairly with not much of a big deal, the celebrations this year feels less grandiose than that of the previous years, but nevertheless it felt calm enough, despite the current political climate as well as the constant threat of A(H1N1) outbreak.

You know the sentiment that "you dont know what you've got till its gone", or the fact that we sometimes need the lack of something to appreciate it? National Day was quiet, with very little fanfare, and even some who doesn't realize the holiday, let alone come to wish me for the occassion. But out of all that... neglect, one person did remember, and I felt that one person remembering me when many others didn't really do so, the effect seems to resonate louder. So for that, thank you Mel. You're the best of buddies! :P

Now there are a few belated wishes for the National Day to be sure but none as as... punctual or early as Mel.

Secondly, EVE. Progress is slow, training up for lvl 5 skills, even more so with Naz's infectious impetuousness. But I'm happy enough to make relatively good earnings in the weekend, participated in some PvP training, and even managing to come out on top in a duel with an ill-fitted ship. It also helps that flying around occasionally in Selene, my Assault Frigate, with its awesome rocket firing menace, is quite a breather from the bulky combat of battleships.

Additionally, a new EFT is out! Woot!

Thirdly, most obviously for today... well how can I put it?

I stood with a book in hand to pass the time off, waiting for the bus. It came relatively early, a surprise because of its track records. I managed to get a seat. Then she walks into the bus, shiny black top, pink skirt and a new black bag. Ohh.. the bus stop chick is back. :P