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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dreaming as dreamers do

Apologies again for not many entries recently. I've been more preoccupied trying to get designs up for Port Valkyrie ( ) than doing much of anything else for myself.

Truth be told, I have nothing new, no new ponderings or thoughts that plague my consciousness. My life is a relatively peaceful plane of existence for the moment. There's good and there's bad of course, but all in all everything's in balance.

If you're thinking that's good... well.... think again.

Don't get me wrong, I am ever grateful for this stability and that God has chosen not to beset me with calamities and turmoils... and I have experienced some times in the past. But we are human, no? And as humans we need to be more than just simply... being.

I'm talking about jumping up above normality.
I'm talking about being ecstaticly happy and joyous.
I'm talking about stepping out of line.

I'm talking about... change.

It's not that I don't have time or that words escape me, but ask yourself this. Would you not want a better life than what you are having now, and not just for yourself, but for those you know and love as well? If you are working, wouldn't you like it if you can get more than what you receive now AND... not having the need to work? Wouldn't you rather do a work for passion, for your own desires, for your own interest, rather than work because others tell you to, or because if you don't you can't survive?

I know I would.

I won't list reasons. Take your own reasons, and place them inside yourself. That is your banner, your battle standard. And let your colors fly high. And if you believe in it, take up the call, charge the fields, and fight for that cause... or die trying.

Do not be complacent with where you are. Do not say that is how it is, how things are. Those are only words to fool yourself. You know this. I need not tell you of it in the first place.

Anyways, the point is simply this. There are people, you see... stubborn people who stubbornly refuse to use their stubborness to carry them through, instead stubbornly telling themselves to stubbornly sit as they are and accept everything as if that is what they deserve.

Stubborn bastards.

It's all okay... until they start telling others to do the same. Now i know there are still rules and limitations to a being within the universe and all, but there are things that is limited only by the matter of perception. I just hate it when I say for something that I am wishing for and they dismiss it as delusion. Here's a common example. I want to sit around and be lazy all day and still earn ridiculous amount of wealth." The exceptionally blind among them will say that's totally impossible and that I should be admitted to a nut house. Still, others would say while such is possible, one of my calibre can't do it.

Bad enough having people tell you what to do and what not to do, now people are telling me us where our limits are, how much potential we have? Well doesn't matter. I'll find my way, thank you very much for your 'concern'.

By now I feel like I'm jumping from theme to theme, but let me get it to point before I go. I want something more to life than mundane day to day routines. Dreams often seem whimsical, but no cause is lost so long as theres one fool fighting for it, despit the odds. Your reasons for the dreams are your own, but you take charge and go do it. And never tell others what they should aspire for. Or drag them with you in your pit of misery should you fail to dream as the dreamers do.


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