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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Windows in time, Doorways to new things.

There are times in a person's life that glimpses of something different, something better or brighter that that of the usual, can be seen or felt. And there are times that you feel that it is a time for change, or that something is changing.

I am no longer working for the company I have worked with for almost 2 years. I know, in comparison to some, 2 years isn't much, but believe me that in those 23 months to be precise, it was not just some thing that just passes one by; it was a complete way of life, one which I am saying good bye to. No, it wasn't all bad, though there were rough times, (there are always rough moments any where you'd go) but what mattered was that there was something to reminisce, something to enjoy, and thus something to miss. I may not have realized it before, nor will I openly proclaim it out loud later on but the fact was, my time at the animation studio there was a gem. For all the flaws, I felt that I was something more there than what I usually am.

However the fact remains that I do not think it is right to stay in one place and draw experience and life only from the one place. I need to see more, to feel more, to experience more, from many many places, be it for good or ill. You can't very well appreciate the best times if you had not known the worst of times. And of course there are considerations to take into account; economical reasons for starters, though make no mistake I did not choose on leaving the place mainly because I can get better wages elsewhere. I want more money in my life to be sure, but I've known enough that good times need not always be equated to how large a money pile one owns. Some of the best and most meorable times in my life are those when I was flat broke.

So here I am jobless. (I've got a job offer already no worries, its just that it starts a bit later) and here I am with so much free time. And not earning money.

And then a friend comes back. And another gets married.

And soon we were all bunched up together, hanging out, chillin'..... gaming...

And for those moments, the present felt like the past. The times gone by where it was just us, against the rest of the world, proud to be outside the norm of society. And for a time my recent worries were like stories from a different world. Huge amount of gaming hours were the main agenda. (I am a bit dizzy from all that gaming.)

Ah, good times. So much fun but never lasts.

And so that one is about to end as well, short and sweet as it was, and leaves me pondering on where would I go on from here. I know I'll be starting a new job but that is like an unspoken fact of life for me already. What I wonder is how much better (or worse) would life go on for me from now on? What will change, what will not and which of it will be welcomed, and which are those that will hurt.

If anything I am hoping at least the fulfillment of some dreams and aspirations. Or the way of obtaining it at the very least.

You know... I have dreamt of fairy tale happy endings. I have dreamt of striking it rich. I have dreamt of having an easy life. An I have dreamt of spending such life with (hopefully) an insanely gorgeous woman.

But before all that... I have dreamt of going to England and taking a train.