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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Office Chicks are Sexy

Due to some really unfortunate medical circumstances, I have not went to work for two days. On the brightside, it has left me with time to ponder and to write.

Recently I've started to watch a new TV series. It started mainly because I was bored and hoped for something as entertaining with the calibre of Firefly, still a series I regard as the best I've ever seen, thus it came only natural to me that I'd be a tad bit curious about the series, Castle, starring Nathan Fillion who was also the lead in Firefly. CONTRARY to *someone's* expectation, I do not consider that person's blog a bible of sorts for me, so while its there where I learnt of Castle, I did not recall the full details he accounted on his blog.

Which is good for me, because it turned out to be a happy surprise. The series has elements that for a lack of better description, seems to have been tailor-made for me. A goofy, brilliant male lead who is both childish and brilliantly creative, partnered with a hot, 'strong' and sexy-in-a-casual-way, female detective, whom I described having a lot of similiarities with one of the earliest female characters I ever designed.

But I'm not here to dissect Castle, not elaborate deeply on the specific hotness of Stana Katic'c character, lest I invite further arguments from the aforementioned friend who is VERY likely to give a dose of his own thoughts. Rather, I'd talk about the aspect of that hotness, portrayed among other things in Castle, but also in a broader context.

And I like a tongue-in-cheek flavor to my comments here, but I also don't intend this to be one big joke either.

I'm talking about a kind of clothing for the women. My friend calls it "office attire" or professional clothings even. Either way, its a clothing that is smart, neat and above all, not really revealing. Hold on a minute, NOT REVEALING? Since when have I ever been into chick attire's that's not revealing? But that's the truth of it.

I cannot really rationalize it enough in words. I do know that the blouse and working trousers (or skirts for some, more *old skool* people) makes the woman attractive and hot by not being revealing. I can't for the life of me put it exactly where. It could be that it generates a stronger focus to the woman's face. The beauty of women is for me, largely in the face first. True, lots of guys would say that the first thing we look at when seeing hot chicks are her breasts. I wouldn't argue either, but if breasts attracts, then the face is what endures, what hooks us deeply, and what probably makes us want to stay longer. Some want to focus eyes, some say lips, some say the shape of the face, and I would say that I find Stana Katic's nose attractive, maybe because it has that ski-ramp, upturned shaped kind of like the comic book chicks of Danger Girl.

Or it could be the overall image it gives off. An independent woman. A woman who is her own self, a strong woman. Which I like. Which many of us guys would start to prefer I suppose. The damsel-in-distress thing is probably getting out of fashion. I'd want a girl who is an equal, not a subordinate. I'd prefer someone who can teach me a thing or too, instead of always needing my direction all the way. It's probably all that but still with a strong touch of feminity. After all what guys want is still an attractive woman.

Or it could be that most of the girls I know wear something overly casual though fashionable still. Tight jeans maybe, hot pants even on some, T shirts and such along with that. Even when they go to work. This is likely because most of the girls I know are in the creative, artsy line like myself, where we all, work or play, dress exceedingly casual. So a hot chick in formal office wear is a wake up call I so need, perhaps.

I do know though, it's something that I can't really place a finger on because, it was only after thinking about these matters that I realize something. That bus stop chick I see every once in a while in the mornings, she was sweet looking and all, but she wasn't really the drop dead gorgeous type, nor do I think she has a very curvaceous figure. I can't for the life of then figure out why she seemed to intrigue me, but finally I realized that all the while she wears professional like office attire, despite going to APIIT. (which is a college of sorts I think, don't know much else about it really). She also has a kind of face that I think looks better with her glasses on rather than off, in which she seemed more plain then.

Also realizing that Kate Beckett, the hot cop in Castle, has similiarities to an earlier character I made(as I stated earlier), Alex, it made me look back to what I originally sought out for. I think for people like me, we get bolder and more adventurous over time. We sought out for something, but soon empowered by daring we sought things for daring's sake only. I like sexy women, but I realize I've gone quite far down the "bikini-clad chicks" road, only to realize now that wasn't my original heading. And probably few other aspiring artists feel that way too. I mean you finally got the guts to do something as bold as a sexy bikini chick, I'm sure it feels empowering in some way. In time it becomes something more than an infatuation but more akin to... a rule. Odd and wrong perception I suppose. Sure, I'd still like drawing those but I guess what I'm saying now is that those aren't really a prequisite for my characters.

Sexy need not be revealing, I think is what I want to say here. Yes, I would also feel that a lot of people would say out loud to me "Duh, obviously!!!" but take it from me, many of us are often mislead these days. Drawing naked women seems to be heck of a work of art, and probably we associate that, wrongly, to beauty being revealing more skin. Of course we missed a point there. And also, in that context, I think, to one beholder or another, there are lots of sexy women out there. There could be some among those reading this for all I know. But what is certain, you need not bare all to join that list.