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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Infuriorating Book and YouTube Revelations

I haven't written here in a while, and I liked keeping the last post with Mewmew's drawing on the top as long as possible, but I guess we have to start something new sooner or later.

I finished reading an infuriorating book some weeks past. The title was "World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofacism"by Norman Podhoretz. It's infuriorating not because of the terminology used, as I have no qualms about Islamofacism or radical Islamists and the like. It is abundantly clear what those refer to in contrast to most normal muslims as myself and the people I know.

What agitates me is the conclusions and and reasoning done by the author, among other things the rationalization that terrorists hate America simply for it's liberty and freedom, or the point where the author seems convinced that the opinions and decisions of the UN as well as their European 'allies' are no longer that relevant, or that he believes George W. Bush as a great leader and president. On the last part, I can't think of anyone more agitating to me than Bush, and all his rhetoric. Yet, in the book the author seems to champion Bush's visions and ideals, putting them forth like it was the greatest political ideal of our time.

It's no secret I disagree to almost all of the things he points out. But some of you might now be wondering why did I finish reading the book anyways? Or why I consider that as a wonderful gift for myself, for my recent birthday?

Understanding. That's why.

You don't need to agree with someone to understand his views. I for one understand why in some cases, there are supporters to the actions of the U.S that we from the rest of the world find it atrocious and irresponsible. I don't agree with their reasons mind you, I still think they're acting silly but if I were in their shoes, I could have easily fallen for the same thing.

For one thing, aggressive US foreign policy seems to be logically concluded that it stems from the view on the failure of peaceful means. For whatever specific examples we may want to give, the fact is they have seen those 'hostile' regimes time and again go back on their words, strike out against US interests and assets, and attempts to appease seems largely to have encouraged further aggression against them.

I'll try an example.

If some one hits you, and you try to talk it through peacefully, and still the guy hits you again, sooner or later, you'd want to resolve it with your fists as well. That seems logical, but of course deep thinking individuals would say, we should have sought out the root of why the guy hit us in the first place. But what if they guy said (for simplicity's sake) he hit you because you were wearing a blue shirt. Now from our point of view, that's just silly, and of course, we'd start accusing him of things, and resorted that it's pointless to peacefully argue because there's no rational way of solving what seemed a stupid reason.

But we may not know however that to him, as he has been living for all his life, and brought up under the teachings of his elders and such, that wearing blue shirts is a sacrilege, or as being very disrespectful or such. So, to him we're being rude, while to us, he's being irrational. We might not agree with what the blue shirt represents as he does, but we'd be beating up each other silly if we sought not to understand what his views are, despite how we will never agree to it.

Does understanding another's view excuses them of their misdeeds? Does it justify their actions? No, of course not. In the end, they're still being rather ignorant or stupid. But how are we any different if we do not seek to understand as well? It's easy accusing people of being ignorant, idiotic, insensitive or irresponsible. But is it any more different that what we do in life as well?

Reflect on that.

The last thing I wanna add is simply, in relation to what the author speculates on the successors of Bush's presidency, on whether the next president will continue the policy or reverse it. I just find it peculiar that he mentioned Hillary Clinton for one, but there was no mention of Barack Obama (the book was written/published around 2006 or so). Anyways we do know today Barack Obama will not be continuing Bush's policy. I'm sure some die hard Bush Policy supporters will be ticked at that, but I didn't expect to see a video on youtube where an African American pastor was criticizing Obama harshly, and comparing and making similiarities between Obama with Adolf Hitler!

Now, those who know me will know I have no huge negative views on Hitler, as I do not see him as evil, a monster, or the most infamous tyrant ever. We all know history is written by the winners and many past glorified 'heroes' are butchers and tyrants themselves. But of course the pastor is referring to the image of Hitler, the most evil person ever, and that is what he is comparing Barack Obama with.

Sigh.... These Americans...

Monday, April 06, 2009

Mel Likes To Do Chicks

My good buddy MewMew, did this for my birthday, and I think this is one of the best things ever to pop up on my 27th birthday. Hahaha~!

(image is of course from Mel's blog)

Huhuhu redheads and brunnettes, my favourites :P *drools*
(and for that I'll excuse the 72 thing :P)

Thanks MewMew!

A Love Story

In honor of my birthday yesterday, I will post this 'true' story.

I have been with her for over 3 months. Yes, it is not that long a time, but our time together felt like a lifetime. In that period of time, we have been through thick and thin; through all sorts of things and still survive.

I wished I could begin the tale with "It was love at first sight". But it wasn't. There were other ladies that vied for my attention initially. I couldn't really decide at first. It's not that she wasn't pretty or anything; on the contrary, she was beautiful. But so were a few others, and that among other reasons was why I passed her by at first.

Oh, the folly of me, how could I have ever passed such an exquisite one as she is at first? I was blind. I was blind. But I guess fate has a way with things, and if you were meant to be together, then you will be eventually.

She finally came to me sometime around new year's day. Given that I wanted to move on with it all and that my other ventures haven't been ultimately successful, she seemed like the big break I needed. So we got together, and we went out together. And in our first time together, I learnt just how magnificent she is. She was for the most part, everything I could ever hope for. She was as powerful a lady as she is beautiful and graceful, despite that her features lacked the curves. (I liked powerful AND beautiful ladies...)

I could say I poured a fortune on her afterwards. I strove to give her the best I can afford. Every bit of my earnings felt worthwhile to lavish upon her. And for every treat, she will return to prove that she was well worth it. She seemed unwavering.

And we would trek the lonely nights together many a time, in which I find the company of others truly lacking compared to her presence. Being with her reassures me more than any I've ever had with in the past. She was like the constant among the uncertainties of the universe.

There were times I thought we wouldn't make it. There were times I thought it was over, and I would lose her. But she proved me wrong. She stayed with me still, and through those most challenging of obstacles, we came through it, together. And each time we emerge from such trials, I loved her even more. She was the one girl that never failed me.

Eventually, she was introduced to a close friend of mine, and as we went out together, even he was given a glimpse at the magnificence that she is. The strength of her being was inspiring, and matched by her beauty, it was simply awesome.

It is true then, as my friend had said, among all the girls I have with me, she was the prime. She was the foremost. She was my First Lady.

She was my Cossette.

A sleek, beautiful and powerful "Maelstrom" class Minmatar Battleship

.... Damn, EVE Online rocks! Woot!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Things I once wanted... and want now.

Strange that such thoughts were to come on April's Fool day of all the days.

I want Empires: Total War. I want that game. It is THE game for me, so far as I can tell based on the reviews, of which many are mention good things about it. Sadly, I've looked for it recently and it was sold out. Strange that an original game sold out so quickly but I am guessing it must be a good sign in a way because of the reception. The game itself would cost around RM170-180.

I want a new PC. Or rather an upgrade to my current PC. Kat, as I call her, has been sweet these few years but she's showing signs of obsolesence. What she needs is a new processor, a Core i7 which I am hoping is higher than Naz's (I'm still into clock speeds, even though in the advent of multicore processors those aren't the highlight that much anymore) and of course with that, a new motherboard and RAM. Existing components are either good enough or still superb. The estimated cost would be somewhere above RM2,000.

I want a place of my own some day. I'm getting tired of all the hackling and noise I get about keeping the house in order and keeping my stuff in my own place and such. Simply put, with the fact that I have to share rooms and all, the smallest room next to the study, there simply isn't much space. And I hate to keep clean and tidy simply on the whims of someone elses mood. A place of my own, that's cost in hundreds of thousands of bucks.

And oh, yes. I'd like to make a movie of my stories. Now that will simply take MILLIONS!

In fact, the only thing that seems to be affordable enough that I would want these days are books. Novels. Warhammer 40,000 preferably. Most range simple from RM30+ to 60+.

I'm saying all these because I was reminiscing a past, some two decades ago, when the simplest of things, and not necessarily the most costly, would've made me happy enough already. I remember my uncle getting me a small truck toy, and it was the best thing I had in the world then. I remember wanting nothing more than simple strolls in Penang town with my grandparents, riding on trishaws and not some posh automobile. I remember being excited enough to even have those simple free rubber/plastic toys that comes with some local boxed chocolates and the like (I think some people would know these DinDangs and Toras :P). I reckon them to be no more than a buck or so.

Not the least, I recall having fun with relatives and cousins, oblivious to all else in the world.

The most expensive thing I wanted then in fact, was a LEGO boat. The one that can float on water. That was 100+ bucks or so. And I never got it.

These days, these same relatives would concern over financial welfare, responsibilities, on whether we have finished studying, or have gotten a job or will be getting married and all that. So much is on their mind. On our mind. All these things that involve big money, and focusing more on the fact that whether we can or cannot earn such money.

Perhaps I could say that we lost innocence.

The Question I am asking is this: Do we knowingly leave those innocence we once had, secure in the knowledge that such things cannot survive the world, or do we truly thing our later aims and desires are much more fitting and of value than those that had cheered us in the past?