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Monday, June 29, 2009


The Malay saying goes "Siapa makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas". So I won't point any fingers specifically, or mention the names, or even acknowledge response to confirm anyones suspicions to identities and such. You know who you are, and that's it :P

I've talked several times here about chicks. In fact, talking about ships in EVE Online here is also like talking about chicks. It an inevitable fact that as guys (and even some girls as well), we like chicks. They're there and we love them.

Today, the slight twist is that I have in mind a matter on what chicks talk about.

Not all chicks, mind you. But from where I stand there is a significantly increasing number of such and having some so close to home is a discomforting fact. Really, what has happened?

I'm talking about about girls liking guys (if they can be said as guys) that are so feminine in aspect of have such boyish looks that we wonder if he has reached puberty. My common term for them is simply faggots. Or fags. Harsh? Well, yeah... and it should be. Because personally it feels like a perversion of nature, and generally speaking, doesn't anyone see the inherent negativity and dangers to such?

Probably not if you're the oh-so-liberal types that think gays are natural. I on the other hand think otherwise. Maybe I've been taught and brought up so much from the mould that my mother wished.

I have managed to browse several copies of my mother's collection of Cleo from the UK back in the early 80s. It surprisingly (not so pleasant to a guy though) features quite a number of guys in them, even a centre-spread photo of such. Supposedly hot and sexy guys, maybe, I'd wager a guess. The point here is that those guys featured in the centrespread is quite unlike the so-called guys the present manga-generation chicks of today oh-so-adore. They're not boyish, clean-smooth looking kids that are aged around early 20s but look like theyre 15. These are men, I suppose the proper term is, at best late 20s, maybe even some in their 30s.

And quoting something I hear from Russel Peters, "They're hairy!"

Russel Peters did say in one of his shows, men are supposed to be hairy. And seeing that in a copy of a 1980s magazine confirms that once upon a time, these are the men that chicks adore, proving that this is not something inherently and naturally considered unattractive. Quite the opposite in fact.

I also recall a time when I was drawing a male character, and since I followed some asian comics of the time, I kept his face smooth, and clean.

And my mom said to me, "Who is this sissy?". That's something I will always bear in mind.

That's part of the point only though.

I am distressed, really, to see girls today, not all but quite the number, go absolutely bonkers-head-over-heels at the picture of some anime guy. No, I don't think it's weird thinking a Toon or sort is hot. I'm sure a lot of us back in our 'younger' days considered Cheetara of the Thundercats the absolute HOT chick. What matters though, is the nature or characteristics of the cartoon/illustrated character. They're appearence is so fey-like, that many times I found myself asking "Who's this girl?" when the character is suppose to be male.

It's alright for a guy to shave, and it's alright for a guy to keep a relative smooth shaven appearence, but the aforementioned characters looked like they never had to shave anyways, and couple that with overall facial shape that is downright feminine, and the long glossy silky smooth hair (and for some, don't even get me started on their style of clothes), I guess lack of boobs and that occasionally, frighteningly, deep voice is the only thing that makes them male... of sorts.

Then there's some, when regarding to live characters and all instead of illustrated ones, go for those that look so blatantly young and boyish, that it's borderline being a pedophile. It's as if they like to toy around with such innocence, so much that I'm feeling almost a lost for words for this kind of behaviour. And as far as that goes, I will go on to point out that we have the opposite number in the male population as well; these anime loving guys whose epitome of chicks are those that seem so innocently childlike girls that I can't for the life of me accept her age as anymore than 14!!!

Maybe it is the media, like Russel Petes said, when he mentioned of todays advertisements and such portraying men without a single body hair, have that feminine look and all.

"That's what a man should look like" supposedly a girl would say, mocked Russel Peters, to which he made the reply "That's what a fucking woman should look like".

That said, I'm sure some very liberal people would shrug it off as they think it's people's right to chose what they like, so long as they don't bother others. It's that kind of thinking however is what makes me despise democratic-freedom based institutions. There's too much of this freedom crap that we hide a perversion under the cover of being "open minded". Freedom has its limitations, mind you and its not meant to pervert nature.

It's really disheartening to see all this. Women often complain where have all the good men gone, or something like that. There are many answers, I suppose.

But maybe some women have been so warped that they just can't see the real men anymore?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Latest Lady in My Life

I've been very busy as of late, with work as always, and the the accompanying idiocy that entails with it; the kind of bullshit that we can all do without but at the same time is inevitable because of the idiots who somehow manage to worm their way to positions of power.

But screw all that. The bus stop chick is gone, work is hell, and sometimes even time is in short supply. But I still manage to get THIS!!

A moment of awe if you will.

YES! That is in fact a Machariel class Battleship, amongst the most expensive of its kind, a pirate faction battleship that is in fact the fastest and the biggest of the Battleship classes.

That is my latest lady, the grandest thus far. Sonja Jones.

If that should sound familiar, it's because as the norm for me to name all my battlecruisers and battleships with a Claire Danes' character name. Why? because she's pretty and hot in a not slutty way and the same kind of way I tend to see my ships.

I posted a little on this ship in my other blog, but again let me just say flying around in EVE Online with limited time as I have, unlike others with almost no restraint in their timing, getting to the accumulated amount of 900 million ISK is no small feat. But with perserverence and strength of vision, I managed to obtain her far ahead of schedule. And I'm not just glossing the language here, because there were many voices around that called me to deviate my attention to other things, in game and out of it. But I chose to be focused, and now I reap the grandest of rewards.

Flying with Sonja has been quite a ride. She's much faster than Cossette. In fact most smaller battlecruisers even would have a hard time catching up to her without afterburners. And Sonja doesn't use afterburners. Her immense size also means she ahs a dominating presence, and the 23,000 shield HP (more than twice of Cossette's shields) means she has plenty to go for. She is however a passive tank, meaning to say the shields recharge based on passive recharge rates, which whilst cap-less, it is not as constant as an active tank, which means I'll need more time to understand her better.

Sonja is also, unlike either my previous battleships Yvaine and Cossette, not an 8 gun battleship. She is a 6 gun 2 missile launcher ship, a weakness in damage dealing when it comes to pure numbers but in practice it is further compensated by versatility in damage type. I do plan on getting higher end stuff for my latest lady in the long run, so that hopefully will even out the numbers.

Naz will be getting a Nightmare, another battleship just as costly, but with different strengths and also not to be underestimated. It's also less elegant looking but defnitely more scary or fierce looking, and though not as massive as Sonja, at least... it's VERTICAL! He still has quite far to go in getting it, but I wait eagerly for the day to see a Machariel and Nightmare side by side.